A free Pomodoro timer with analytics


Pomocado is a free pomodoro timer with analytics

Checkout out the overview here (https://youtu.be/mTM4Dn0z-uA)

I am really eager to hear feedback on the product so feel free to message me!

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3 Reviews1.7/5

There's no way to tell when the 25 minutes or the break end or start (no notification nor sound).

I tried to use it for a day, finally spend an hour on it: will go back to another app.


- Classic timer using the pomodoro technique

- Ad free

- Easy to use (choose the timer length + start / pause)


- No push notification/sound

- To simple, not original except the name

- Only one stat for now: how many time you used it (per day / year)

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Hi Andre! That is really great feedback. I really appreciate it. Can I send you an update when I add sound?
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Just added sound!