Pomocado is a free pomodoro timer with analytics

Checkout out the overview here (https://youtu.be/mTM4Dn0z-uA)

I am really eager to hear feedback on the product so feel free to message me!

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While I know and love the idea of pomodoro, your landing page does not encourage me to sign up at all. For people who are not familiar with the technique it doesn't even explain what pomodoro is. I'd work on that first. Good luck ;)
@pawelkadysz Hi Pawel, that is a really great idea. I really appreciate the feedback.

There's no way to tell when the 25 minutes or the break end or start (no notification nor sound).

I tried to use it for a day, finally spend an hour on it: will go back to another app.


- Classic timer using the pomodoro technique

- Ad free

- Easy to use (choose the timer length + start / pause)


- No push notification/sound

- To simple, not original except the name

- Only one stat for now: how many time you used it (per day / year)

Hi Andre! That is really great feedback. I really appreciate it. Can I send you an update when I add sound?
Just added sound!
Looks nice @simonthebarber :) What kind of analytics do you provide that's different from a ton of pomodoro apps out there?
@amrith hi Amrith, currently we are doing just number of pomocados per day but will soon support total minutes. We are listening to users to figure out what analytics they are interested in.
Cool name :D
@vishal_nema can't stop reading it as pornocado. :D
I like the GitHub style history! 😍
@booligoosh_booligoosh that you! d3.js is awesome!