Polyvore (iOS)

Fashion, design, & style shopping personalized for you

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@rrhoover Did I just get my first Product Hunt notification?
@mishachellam yeah that was interesting
@mishachellam I got email notification as well. Perhaps notifications for PH'ers who you also follow on Twitter?
Personalization is super hard, especially for something as something as nebulous as style. We've been working hard for months on our personalization engine and are seeing a 4x increase in product likes (one of our key measures of engagement). More info on how we did it on our engineering blog, with more posts coming soon on the specifics: http://engblog.polyvore.com/2014... Feedback welcome, thanks!
@jesskah This is great! Thanks for posting more detail, Jess.
Polyvore just released a big update (more info here) to their iOS app, surfacing personalized fashion recommendations.