Polypane 1.0

The browser for responsive web development and design

#5 Product of the DayMay 14, 2019
Polypane is a browser built from the ground up to create websites and apps. Polypane is the only browser that lets you develop a website for all viewports and devices at once, and gives you the best overview of them.
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Hey all! First off, thanks @kevin for hunting Polypane! With Polypane, I want to build the browser for developers, designers and everyone else that works with the web. It's filled with features that make you more efficient and help you develop faster. I've been working on this since 2015, starting with seeing if I could get a browser to display a site at multiple responsive breakpoints. From there, I've just been improving and expanding the concept into a fully features browser with really unique features for developers and designers. As a solo developer, designing and building everything is an incredible amount of work, but it's so amazingly rewarding. I can't wait to see what you all think of Polypane. It sounds like hyperbole, but compared to developing sites using Chrome or Firefox, developing in Polypane takes just half the time (I tested and verified this, many times, over the past few years). I have good hopes that your experiences will show a similar improvement.
Looks great, I'm gonna get a team license for Modulz. Congrats on the launch!
Whats new since your last launch?
@aaronoleary Hi Aaron! Back in 2017 I posted the first beta on Producthunt (I had been working on it since 2015) and that was a very minimal concept: it showed your site in multiple panes, you could generate a screenshot and that was it. Since then I've been steadily improving Polypane and getting feedback from beta testers. Polypane now syncs all your actions between panes, it knows about common device sizes and about your sites CSS breakpoints. The entire browser is zoomable so you can even design for 4K screens on an ultraportable. There's a ton more features in there (css layout debugging, focus mode, pane zooming) and even more that'll be implemented in the coming months and years.
Looks amazing Kilian! Well done. Definitely will be trying this!
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