Polypane (Beta)

Cross-platform responsive design and dev browser

Polypane is a cross platform browser for responsive design, it shows your site in multiple dimensions all at once.

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Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. Check all the screen sizes in one browser, I'm more into mobile app development but I can imagine how helpful this is for you front end webbers out there. So @kilianvalkhof tell us what's up... do you have some spare time or something? ;)
Actually I've been working on Polypane since 2015 (!) and it's taken a long time to get done but I'm so happy to finally share it with everyone. As it says on the website, Responsive design is hard! I hope Polypane helps other people as much with this problem as it helps me. Polypane is cross-platform and based on Chromium, so you get state-of-the-art everything as the basis. I'll be here in the comments all day, so if anyone has questions, shoot!
@kilianvalkhof sweeeeet! Well done man!
This reminds me of Blisk (blisk.io) but with less features and no current pricing model. What is the roadmap for features and do you plan for it to be a premium product? I was immediately turned off of Blisk's bait and switch approach and monthly fees.
@jesse_wallace Beta's free + usage is not time-limited (i.e. it will continue to work indefinitely) How does that pricing model sound? ;) What are features you want? My focus with Polypane is taking away the painpoints of responsive development. Polypane's focus is less on _devices_ and more on _sizes_ as I think that's where the focus should be when you create a website: The content dictates when to adapt the layout, not the device you happen to use.
@kilianvalkhof Sounds good so far :) I like the idea of sized panes instead of devices. I think that works best for this type of browser. I think the other main things I'd look for are: - some style of synchronized scrolling - "mobile" device profiles hide scrollbar, desktop profiles show it - option to scale all panes at once - individual pane screenshots Probably the main things I didn't see in the demo video. Signed up for the beta and would be happy to give it a go :)
@jesse_wallace cool ideas, and happy to get your feedback! Synchronised scrolling + interaction via browser-sync works really well (but kind of outside of the scope of the video) and I like your other ideas!
This is really cool!
This will be very useful to a lot of web developers! Looking forward to it @kilianvalkhof
Very cool! I've been using Duo (www.helloduo.com) for a while now so I'm curious about how this compares.