A better place for photos.

It's great to be able to post on Product Hunt and show the community what my friend and I have been working on. We launched Polymo on the App Store on Wednesday and are currently featured in "Best New Apps" for photos in the US. Polymo is an iOS app built around a simple camera which lets you add tags before you take photos and a gallery where you can search your photos after. A more personal camera roll that lets users curate their memories.
Congrats on the launch, @nathanfushia. I'm sure you had many debates about this but why did you decide to charge $1.99?
Thanks @rrhoover! We put a lot of thought into our pricing. We wanted to make Polymo a one off purchase. No in-app-purchases and no advertising. We've got a lot of plans for other solid features as we grow the app and believe we can make sure Polymo stays a product well worth it's $1.99 to our users.
@Nathanfushia There are a lot of photo apps out there. Which is most similar to your product and what separates you from your closest competition?
Hey @UXAndrew. Thanks for the comment. I'm not too sure what would be the most similar app. As a photographer, I found myself frustrated with the cluttered design of a lot of the photo apps I was using. With Polymo, we've focused on simplicity while improving the way users can look back at their pictures. It's always been our aim to make a product that is genuinely useful. I'd say sorting photos by tag, particularly our camera which let's users add tags before you take photos is one of the features that seperates us from the competition.
@nathanfushia thanks for posting - I hate going back and sorting old photos so I find the idea of tagging before I take them pretty compelling!
@lee94josh Thanks, that's great to hear! Like I said, we have a lot of things planned and we're both excited to get back to work on new features.