Poly-graph Hip Hop

See what hip hop's billboard top 10 sounded like

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Wow, this is an awesome example of data visualization. Love how you captured the evolution of hip-hop through the years.
As a Hip Hop fan, I LOVE this! :D
wow this is dope
This is real cool, any thoughts on expanding to other genres?
@braunshizzle yea if billboard hooks it up of course.
@matthew_daniels @braunshizzle tell me what genres you want to see :)
@emwhitenoise @matthew_daniels It would be neat to see the general top tier genre's i.e. Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, Dance/EDM, Latin, etc..
@matthew_daniels @braunshizzle Sounds like there was no explicit API to make this? @emwhitenoise helped with the data?
Incredible. Well done, @matthew_daniels.
@rrhoover glad you liked it! question: there's kinda a buried feature and curious if you noticed it...did you try clicking any of the rapper faces?
@matthew_daniels oooo, I missed that! Very cool. :)
@rrhoover I updated this project with top 100 data going back to the 1950s. http://polygraph.cool/history