Polly Podcast

Listen to blog posts at work

Polly Podcast allows you to easily listen to blog posts from the web. Simply paste a link to an article and listen to a narrated version.

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This is convenient @christianryel! Can you tell me more about how this app differs from other similar ones out there?
@christianryel @jacqvon normal tts(text to speech) usually sounds like a robot, I think polly podcast is using some of the newer tts libraries/apis out there that uses deep learning to generate human like speech, which makes it hearable and natural.
@abdsamn You're exactly right. Thanks for the note!
@jacqvon As a daily user of Polly Podcast myself, the main difference is the simplicity of pasting a link and immediately listening to a narration. There is no UI to get in your way and since this is a mobile-friendly web application you are able to listen on your phone and on the web (which you can't on a few similar apps). The current voice is also better than most other apps out there and we have custom voices were building that are significantly better. Thanks for the feedback Jacqueline!
This is amazing. And it works well. But I found a really annoying bug: At some point it starts reading the title of the post every time when there's a comma. It's horrible xD Besides that: Great idea! I needed this. But please fix that bug :P
@raindropcatcher Thanks for the feedback! Great catch, I will fix that asap.
@christianryel Love the soft and fluent reading voice!
@christianryel Ironically now it doesn't repeat the title after the commas anymore. Now it does it after a lot of fullstops (never at the ones, that are followed by a paragraph, though). Same problem... Hope that helps!
This reminds me of Umano. Used to be obsessed with it but unfortunately they shut down. Excited to give this a try to see if it's got the magic. An article about Umano: https://listproducer.com/2015/05...
I still feel the sound is a bit like robot though. Are you using amazon Polly Service?