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abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
One of the creators here. The problem with written review sites is that they are so biased or fake that it really becomes hard for people to make informed decisions. We wondered why nobody has yet reinvented the review platform. Pollseye is a tool to share our interactions with products and services through 30 second videos. Through short videos we want people to express whether they rate the experience as a #fail or a #win. Each 'video poll' gets added to a related playlist. So every time a user searches for say omega watches, he or she gets a playlist of user videos on omega watches. Users can also choose interests ranging from tech, auto to fashion, lifestyle and receive daily video reviews on their fields of interests. Our mission is to make an informed world and we believe video reviews can go a long way doing just that! Let us know what you think. :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Really interesting. Someone is going to reinvent QVC and I have a strong feeling it's going to be user-generated, mobile-first. cc @philtoronto @garyvee @kevinjonas As with any marketplace, you have a chicken and egg challenge, @abhinavsree. How are you tackling this?
abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
@rrhoover Thanks for the interest! We are getting some professional reviewers on board. People who already are doing youtube reviews and have a certain following. This way we get some guaranteed good content for users to follow and learn. This is the reason after our initial private beta, we thought of including an 'interests' option, where user chooses some interest fields on logging in. This way we send them the best reviews (in the beginning it will be the pro reviews) based on their interests on a daily basis.
mike oliver@mkolvr · Product at Alma
@abhinavsree Good luck. Side note: Your note about the gender of your reviewers (and their corresponding areas of interest) was slightly off putting to me. Doesn't seem relevant to their expertise. Anyway, just a little feed back.
abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
@mkolvr really sorry about that. Never intended to express a bias although after your comment I can see that probably my expression didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to. My point was we got hold of a few people to cater to our demographics and incidentally each gender(of pro reviewers) was inclined to a particular interest field. Our observation with fashion and lifestyle is that users have a bias which is obvious as a guy recommending men's fashion is obvious. But like you pointed out, male and female really doesn't matter as the quality of review increases and it moves to more neutral domains like tech, auto, places, movies, music and others... :) Thanks for your input.
Eddie DaRoza@eddiedaroza · Video Producer - Social Media Marketing
@abhinavsree Would love to help out creating some of these videos...
abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
@eddiedaroza Thanks for getting in touch. We would love to collaborate. Please mention your email id so that I can get in touch. :)
Eddie DaRoza@eddiedaroza · Video Producer - Social Media Marketing
@abhinavsree great, would love to connect eddiedaroza@gmail.com
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO, SuperMonitoring.com, yourbrowser.is
Funny - yesterday I was thinking about a similar platform - but based on photos + image recognition. :)
abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
@konradcaban :) we are sticking with videos since it is the most authentic. We have recognition in mind, but probably for later.
Matt Turney@turneycreative · Designer, Marketer, and Entrepreneur
This is great! How is traction?
abhinavsreeMaker@abhinavsree · Founder & CEO
@turneycreative Thanks. We just made the android version public yesterday. We will have a better idea of traction in Aug.