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Hello PHers! After 6 months of iterations and developments, we're finally releasing a new version of our web based photo editor. V3 is going to make our current six-month-old V2 look like a little piece of crap. It is lightning fast, has a brand new UI, uses much less RAM and now you can batch export, add watermark, operate with keyboard or touch controls, all right in your browser. The app is tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, IE11 as well as Microsoft Edge (that's some dedication), and proved to work on Chromebook and Surface touch interfaces and pens. In the meantime, our Chrome offline app is also updated https://chrome.google.com/websto... Note, this app is for web desktop users only, if you're on iOS or Android or even Blackberry, you can find our mobile apps at https://www.polarr.co/ A few main improvements out of many others: 1) The performance is 5X faster and it tunes its own frame rate based on your CPU/GPU speed. 2) UI and workspace is completely redesigned, and work for both mouse and touch. 3) It can finally batch export photos right out of the browser (that’s shipping out hundreds of megabytes of data in one click). 4) Allow users to upload and save their own transparent image watermarks for all exports. 5) Added dehaze, denoise, new lighting adjustments and more controls in vignette tools to match with the most recent iteration of Adobe Lightroom 6. 6) Added keyboard shortcuts for all operations. 7) Support 14 more languages in the app. The basic functionalities of the app will remain free. Hope you guys enjoy the app and Lightroom users - you are welcome! Leave any questions and below and I will answer them.
@bwang29 This app is amazing, but I am in love with your tutorials of how to improve the photos. If you bring out an email series with more of these, and explanations of why adjusting saturation etc is good, I will subscribe for days. I'll even pay to subscribe to learn that stuff. Amazing!
@cynicalgrinch @bwang29 Thanks for the comment! We will definitely try that and see if we could get a fan base doing it. Will @ you on twitter about the progress.
@bwang29 can't wait. Truly.
Wow. I love this, congrats on launching! I use to edit some pictures for social media with Canva, but I am 100% sure this Polarr will be extremely useful. Just one question: Is it possible to save the image as .PNG? Because it is needed to upload high quality images on Facebook/Twitter/etc Keep it up
@maurosicard Polarr is the best for editing non vector photographs and it can eats pretty much any resolution images and even some RAW files. We're currently working on not only being able to export PNG but also preserving transparent layers and that should be up in a week of so.
@bwang29 @maurosicard Excellent. As soon as it can export to PNG, I am sure I will start using it a lot. Great work, good luck bro
@maurosicard Will tweet to you when it's ready.
@maurosicard It now supports PNG import and export now : )
@bwang29 @maurosicard GREAT. Very fast way of implementate new features, great work, I am sure Polarr will be on my new day a day tools!
Cool! Will you make an Aviary like implementation?
@saoron We're currently working with some partners who need high-end embedded editing solutions but I would say our target audience is a much smaller group of developers than Aviary. We will be able to see a few interesting things using Polarr in the coming months.
Great photo for all us Product Hunters :)
@linkchef Haha, thanks!