Polarr for iPhone and iPad

An Adobe Lightroom killer in the palm of your hand

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Hello Hunters! This is Borui, founder of Polarr here. This new app is Polarr's first iOS app and designed with quite a unique philosophy in terms of pro photo editing. It's in landscape, has a game-controller style, and it is aiming for maximizing productivity while maintaining core editing functions. There are quite a bit of advanced adjustments here (curves, HSL, toning), and you can do unlimited history rollback and seamless switching among multiple photos. We want to completely remove double level menus and pact the tools together with a waterfall rendering pipeline. Oh by the way, the app is a little more than 3MB in size (originally submission binary was 2.9MB in testflight before apple submission), making it the most installable photo editor! The app is optimized for iPhone 5 and newer devices. Join the discussion if you have anything , questions, feedbacks, what you want to see in the next version update etc! Borui
App is now featured in "Best New Apps" on App Store now.
Looks fabulous, and quite pro. So you guys made an almost entire PS experience in just 3MB of app bundle? Nice~~ I wouldn't mind getting a paid version for the fuller set of features. Any plan for it?
@ma_xiaoxu It it not PS competitor and definitely not "almost entire PS experience" because our app doesn't do layering and vector creation so far. We wanted to create it around the essence of photography — not bloated with features, but having all the essential tools for advanced light and color controls. And hopefully trying to allow people to do subtle and “artificially realistic” changes to the photos. The next version will include a bunch of bug fixes and potentially some new tools for more layering on local adjustments and introducing brush features. So the pro (paid) set of tools will get lots of improvements over time but you only pay once.
How does this app compare to VSCO?
@_helloglee We don't have a community in Polarr so the app is completely tool driven. And we are selling filters but encourage people to create their own and remix them. We might introduce more filter categories later. The use model is more like you use a filter - make further changes on top of the pre-existing filters - save the filter - repeat.
I am a sucker for a new photo editing app. Been using Snapseed, Darkroom and Enlight. Will definitely give this a try also. I also enjoyed the cat's snazzy outfit in the promo video.
@rustydingo Hopefully Polarr isn't the first to move out of your phone! It is quite a different editor taking plenty of risks in design. Any feedback would be helpful!
@bwang29 just downloaded it, will definitely provide feedback. The tutorial made perfect sense and I have to say I love the tap and hold, and then tilting the device to adjust values. Really clever stuff.
@rustydingo That is probably the weirdest design interaction that we put into the editor. The default dragging on the pad works very well but sometimes doesn't get you very far on the right edge of the screen so we came up with the idea of using the gyso scope optionally when you press and hold : ).