Polarr 2.0a

An online photo editor (big data meets Lightroom)

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2015
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Hey guys, this is Xiao from Polarr. We are building Polarr in order to enable people to create stuff. Basically we want to make Polarr Photo Editor accessible to any audience who’re interested in learning and using it, whether you’re on a $2000 Macbook Pro or a $200 Chromebook. That's why it's going browser-based. It is also the only free online editor that supports RAW editing.
@xxxxxxiao This is awesome! I remember trying to edit (and back up) my Alaska/Northern Lights photos from my laptop in a bed & breakfast. Lightroom worked well, and even though I own LR/PS, it'd be nice not to use my laptop's CPU/power/battery. But actually I think the biggest time sink was actually data transfer during backup. I imagine the same issue would arise with RAW files getting them up to your server in the first place. Do you guys have any clever solutions to make the typical upload process less painful?
@xxxxxxiao @staringispolite The entire RAW content doesn't get uploaded to the server and only minimal sparse information related to processing is uploaded. I think it is indeed quite clever : ). Raw editing is still very experimental and it will get better overtime.
@staringispolite @bwang29 via such method we are also able to secure user privacy issue as we don't cache or grab any photos from users. Only meta data. Most of the processing happens locally.
This is incredible! So many people have asked me for an easy way to edit their travel/holiday images over the years - this is absolutely the answer. Great work! I can see this really taking off, especially if you could buy sets of filters like VSCO. More filters is the only thing I fee it lacks at the moment, to cater for users that have no idea how to create one themselves. I'd push it largely towards those who can't use/afford Photoshop or Lightroom :)
@marty thx for the love! One of the main reason for us to build Polarr is to eliminate the barrier that stops people from creating stuff, in this case, shooting photos. We will soon be able to add more filters, and in our older version, we have a community generated sets of filters for people to select from.
@marty One of our many goals is to be able to import Lightroom presets directly into Polarr, and get identical results.
Love it. Been doing a lot of photo editing lately and was ho-humming about how expensive Lightroom is. I'll be adding this to my workflow and give it a spin :)
@alirtariq Workflow wise, it caches up to 4GB of your data and real editing histories so you can always go back to previous edits. Definitely try it out!
@polarrist that's amazing. Consider me a user :)
This is awesome! I'm a huge Lightroom fan for my RAW processing, and I can totally see myself using this down the road for singular edits. Q: Are the adjustments made on Polar identical to LR? For instance, same .DNG in both, is +40 White the same using either platform?
@iambarronroth Thanks! At the moment, the adjustments in Polar are close, but not identical to Lightroom. This is one of our future goals, and we are working hard to make the results as close to LR as possible.
This is amazing! I'm super sick of having to open Photoshop to do simple tasks. I've been looking for this tool for a long time.
@avizuber Thanks Avi! Photoshop is still a much different beast but Polarr is perfect for editing on the go!