The best photo retouching tools in the web.

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On the tool side, Polarr's retouching is orders of magnitude faster than other editors.
Thanks everyone! For those who're looking for HTTPS, there you go https://www.polarr.co/
@bwang29 this is beautiful but it feels a little clunky (maybe cause of my slower computer). What's the use case for something like this? Wouldn't professionals just want to use native software because of speed. These are pretty advanced edits - I can't imagine this to be consumer targeted?
@johnnyquachy It should run faster than most of the desktop counterparts in terms of rendering speed (even Adobe Lightroom). It's targeted at photo hobbyists and non-professional photographers who love to tweak photos out of DSLR and micro four thirds systems. The fact that it's in the web enable us to do many interesting things that were not possible to do on the desktop. We also have a chrome app released 2 weeks ago https://chrome.google.com/websto...