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Ryan, since we started mobile-first we focused a lot on making it very quick & easy to collect opinions. So we got a lot of opinions -very fast. Press started to pick on the results of these polls & write articles about them like: http://thenextweb.com/apple/2013... We realized there was an opportunity to not just give them results but the ability to embed the questions themselves, hence our publisher tool: http://www.polarb.com With this release, we went from having Polar in one app that we built to allowing anyone to add Polar to their site or app. The great thing that comes from that is the context. People reading a sports site have a lot of opinion's about sports, and so on as these examples show: http://www.polarb.com/features/c...
@lukew what were the challenges you saw with the consumer app and will you be devoting any more attention to it? Many companies have tried this like @SeeSaw, @yaynay, and others focused on fashion but had a lot of trouble with retention/growth. The business side looks much more compelling for polar from a long term standpoint. I click through at least 4 polls each time due to how easy it is.
Instant Opinions & Engagement -- either via the mobile app or embedded into websites. When embedded, these easy-to-create polls dramatically increase contributors, time spent, and overall engagement with content. Founded by @lukew and @jeff_cole. For design fans, be sure to check out the app--Luke is a design wizard.
I've been following Polar since it launched as a consumer-facing mobile app. Well designed. It seems they've focused more recently on the business product. Would love to hear the backstory.
The app is the "power-user" side of things. We have more reach with publishers in their apps/sites (2.5M embeds per day). But more engagement in the app (40/50 votes per user per day). We'd love to devote more attention to the app. Have a lot of stuff we've learned that we want to try out but these days, we're neck deep in supporting the platform.