If you laugh you lose with this AI-powered face game 🤡

#PokerFaceChallenge is the first AI-based game where you need to keep a neutral emotion to win.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Tell me you're not recording these video secretly 😂
@rrhoover We don’t 😄 Multiplayer is the next step - can’t wait to play this game with friends.
@gabrelyanov having multiplayer will be amazing! Can't wait!! Great job :D
Hello hunters! We're excited to share our newest game with you all, the Poker Face Challenge. It's fun and really quite simple: the app morphs your face and tries to make you laugh. If you smile, our neural network detects it and it's game over. See how long you can last without smirking! Try it out and share your thoughts with us!
It's perfect for PewDiePie
This is such a fun idea 😸 love it... @pirgranoff @gabrelyanov what's the longest you could last before laughing? 🤣
@pirgranoff @abadesi Thanks! ) My record was only 9 sec when I played for the very first time )