The first-ever Pokémon GO dating service

lol this image is perfect
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv Dror! It was designed by Alexander Hernández, our illustrator, who is all sorts of amazing. Happy to connect you with him if you ever need freelance illustration support!
There's a dating app for everything, including Bernie supporters, double dates, and cuddlers.
@chrismessina @rrhoover 10x more dreamy than #bigdata.
My favourite part of the TechInsider coverage is this: "But at $20 (£15) a date, PokéDates is far more expensive than simply arranging to go on a Pokémon hunt with someone from a free dating app like Tinder or Happn." How often are people tindering and using pokemon as a way to get a date?! Bold 👏 This is how PokeDates works: Those that are interested simply have to answer a few questions so that the PokéDates matchmaking team can get an idea for the type of person you are (and maybe what kind of Pokémon you're into). They will then aim to arrange a date with someone that shares similar interests. As soon as a date has been arranged, members will be emailed a paragraph about their "PokéMatch". It will only be available in the US initially but depending on success of the service, could roll out! Now go catch yourself a date instead of a f*cking Zubat again!
@bentossell you hit it right on the nail! serendipitously meeting a stranger at a pokestop is great for making friends, but for more-than-friends you probably want a little more in common ;) and it's definitely a great excuse to play the game for people who have seen the hype but have been shy/confused/etc to play (and a good way to break the ice during the date and keep the convo going)
@bentossell hope you will like this & it's free tinder like swipe club for Pokemongo https://twitter.com/hashmeetapp/...
Hi everyone! Sarah from PokeDates (www.gopokedates.com) here. For a bit of background, a few years ago I founded a dating startup called Project Fixup. We set up thousands of dates, went through Techstars, got some PH love (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...), but never quite became the next Tinder and had more or less accepted that we'd go quietly into that good startup night. Last Thursday, Dank, our Chief Fixup Officer, came up with the idea for using out platform to fix people up to play Pokemon GO together. It was without a doubt the best idea Project Fixup has ever had, and we HAD to go full freaken measure. 6 sleepless days and nights later, with the help of several other amazing friends of Fixup who contributed with design, site customization, and PR, PokeDates was born. Whether you like the idea or think it's the sign that we have reached Peak Pokemon and the apocalypse is near, I'd much appreciate it if you could: 1) Post about in your #random slack channel at work 2) Mention it on Facebook to your PokemonGo loving friends 3) If you're unattached, give it a shot! Dank and I will be on Product Hunt today answering any questions you all have. Thanks all!
@spressto Post about it on the #random channel?? I already posted it in our #pokemongo channel.. You mean every slack team doesn't have one of those?
@spressto love u sarah! =)
@afhill Sorry for my slow PH reply, has been a crazy day. But your response is my favorite of the day :). Here's to hoping we one day live in a world where every slack team has a (...HR approved) #pokedates channel.
@skinnyandbald Love you too Ben! #tarheelforlife. Thanks for checking out PokeDates!
Post back here when we hear about the first couple who gets married through this :)
@triptych YES will do!