A humorous FB Messenger bot to relieve stress & anxiety

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Hi there! Not everyone wants or needs expensive therapy. When stuck in a stressful moment, all you might need is a different view on the situation and/or some humor. We created a humorous Facebook Messenger bot based on CBT, a scientific therapy technique, to help out with both. It’s a first, basic version. We have plans to extend it; make it smarter (automatic emotion detection), more helpful follow up questions to rethink your situations and thoughts, better rewards... Would love all feedback!
@judithstr nice job. It eases into the conversation nicely. Maybe add a twitter account for additional social following. Interested to see the bot grow.
@sethlouey Thanks so much! Let me know if you have other feedback, love to hear it!
This is a great concept, very nice!
@brendonto Thanks so much! The positive feedback means a lot considering this is only the basic version of what we have in mind for the future. :)
I always encourage new technology, but the basis of therapy is to connect with a human - wouldn't talking to a robot hinder any real emotional progress?
@calebgleit We're focussing on CBT, which is a very goal oriented therapeutical approach that offers tools to help people recognize their negative thought patterns and correct those. Some people might be helped by having a human assisting in that. Some people don't or don't have the financial resources to do so. With Pogor we created an immediately accessible tool in people's pockets so they are helped in the moment that they need it the most. We purposely created Pogor as friendly and humorous bot, people can relate to, even though it's not a human.
@judithstr @calebgleit if you get this working "to help people recognize their negative thought patterns and correct those" ... then you have a product!