Listen to one poem every day and share your voices or poems

PoemBot shares with you one poem every day. Every poem is read by someone in the community. You also can share your voices or poems.

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Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce PoemBot to you. PoemBot is a bot for poems. Every day, PoemBot will share with you one poem read by someone in the community. You also can share your voices or poems. You can add yourself here: https://goo.gl/forms/B7iVZeA6eik... I love poems. Poetry is beautiful, emotional, philosophical, and personal. It gives you peace of mind. It powers you with positive strengths. It helps you find the subtle beauty in life. And I believe that like an apple a day, a poem a day also keeps a doctor away. I am working and living in Silicon Valley. Here, we work in tech, we admire tech, we are all around by tech. But I love literature, I love writing, reading, novels, poems. In this AI era, liberal arts is becoming more important. Hope PoemBot can bring you the beauty of life, and the peace of mind. And encourage you to listen to more poems, and even write one or more, to express your thoughts and emotions. Believe me, language is beautiful and powerful. Let us be more human.
@weizhuxiaona neat idea, Nina. This would make for a good Alex Skill or Google Home agent.
"Let us be more human." <--Great words. :)
@rrhoover Thank you, Ryan! I will definitely look into the possibility of Alexa and Google Home :)
Awesome! I look forward to any updates πŸ‘πŸ»
This is really cool! AI powered poetry. It is amazing what you can do with it. I intend to try this out soon.
@thesethkerr Seth, actually, PoemBot does not have real AI. It makes best uses of CUI (conversational user interface). I believe AI can make PoemBot more powerful and poetry (?). I am the only "developer" for PoemBot, and I do not have AI skills (I am a product person and designer lol). I will try to find some AI experts to collaborate together :)

Would be good to be able to schedule when you want the poems to arrive, or perhaps snooze them? πŸ€”


Encourages to read more poetry!


As every bot, it tends to be annoying or message you at bad times.