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Grab a handy link to your favorite podcast with easy buttons to subscribe in all the major podcast apps. If you want an easy-to-read URL, claim a vanity link for your show. Use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout for 50% off.

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Hi ProductHunt, I really love listening to podcasts. But I've noticed most podcast hosts don't know what they need to do to grow their audience. I hear so many hosts recommend listeners subscriber "wherever you download podcasts" without giving the listener a clear path forward. Hopefully this little side project will make that a bit easier.
@nathang really well done and simple. Love the design and simple checkout process! What tech did you use to build it?
@chrismessina Thanks! The checkout is all handled with Chargebee on top of Stripe. (It was initially Plasso till they shut down) The rest of the app is written in Vue.js on the Nuxt framework. All the data is from the iTunes lookup API or pulled straight from the podcast's feed!
Pretty neat, there's definitely a need for this! Any chance you could also include Soundcloud links eventually? Another thing you could consider is including the words 'for free' - as in 'subscribe for free'. New podcast listeners often still don't realize that they are free h/t https://twitter.com/MattCundill/...
@jonbstrong If there's an API I can hit to get the SoundCloud URL, then I could probably figure it out. Otherwise, it would have to be a premium feature for shows that claim a custom URL. (That's on my current roadmap for platforms like Spotify and Stitcher)
Song.link resolves share links which are appended at the end of their domain. Any plans to do something like this for pod.link?
@keirwilliams That's something I need to look into. It's an "all rectangles aren't squares" problem. I know I can provide valid links if I key off the iTunesID, but not necessarily if I key off the feed URL.
Nice work, @nathang. The search is super responsive. Are you using Algolia by chance? Unfortunately I searched for Product Hunt Radio (we're rebooting it soon!), This Week in Startups, and a few other podcasts I love and none are showing up.
@rrhoover Hey there, I'm actually hitting the iTunes lookup API with every keystroke. Sometimes that causes a jamup. The path of my URL is the the iTunes ID. So you can reverse engineer any of my pages. Here's the ones you mentioned: https://pod.link/862714883 https://pod.link/315114957
@nathang > I'm actually hitting the iTunes lookup API with every keystroke. Sometimes that causes a jamup. Every keystroke may be a little bit too much. `debounce` can help with this, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/3504...
@andreaspizsa Thanks, I'll get that implemented!
"Never again say 'Find us wherever you download podcasts'". I love this line πŸ‘Œ
@marawan_1997 It's the woooooorst