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We've recorded 33 episodes of Product Hunt Radio so far (plug!). I prefer to do them in person (in part because it leads to a better conversation) but often there are technical or audio quality issues recording remotely. How exactly does PodClear produce "crystal clear" recordings? cc @andrewwarner, @mijustin, @ryanlawler
@andrewwarner @mijustin @ryanlawler @rrhoover Hey Ryan! It essentially automates the process of a double ender. It records locally on each participants computer (with no limit to the number of participants) and uploads it to our servers after the call is complete. The results is uncompressed audio from all ends of the call, which is a dramatic improvement over plain skype audio. Thanks for the awesome site!
@hannaherg @rrhoover People in the podcasting community have been discussing an app like this for years: http://www.allenpike.com/2014/po... @marcoarment also discussed this on his podcast: http://atp.fm/episodes/94 I'll definitely be trying this out!
@rrhoover @marcoarment @mijustin Hey, Justin! I'm a Co-Founder of PodClear. Thanks for sharing this, it's great to know there's a need to be met here! We've certainly been welcomed with open arms by the community which has been awesome. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. @PodClearTweets or email hannah at hannah@podclear.com.
We are a desktop application for Mac and Windows that allows for double or multi ended recording of remote interviews using any chatting application you choose. The application supports unlimited collaborators and provides uncompressed audio files for each speaker on individual tracks as well as a mixed and mastered version.
I think the multitrack recording is incredibly helpful for editing. We use it at Mixergy to raise or lower my volume so it'll match my guest's. But that already exists in other programs. What's really missing is a feature that Google Hangouts has. With G, my guest's audio and video are recorded before they arrive at my computer, so the recording is clearer. I couldn't tell if you guys do that. Seems you might. I'm excited to see you improve interviewing software. It's still too much of a pain to record and edit an interview. What we need is something so simple that the interviewer can forget about the software and concentrate on the most important thing: the conversation.
@andrewwarner Totally agree! PodClear essentially makes it dead simple to do a double ender, both for you and your guests. What's cool about this and makes it unique from call recorder is that you get an independent uncompressed track for every guest in the call as well as a mixed version (coming in our next release). Excited to have you try it out, we are huge fans of your podcast! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions hannah@podclear.com
This sounded and looked all awesome, until I got to the pricing. Did I really read it right that it costs basically $4 per recording? So for $8 per month you're limited to only being able to do 2 recordings? That sounds super in-flexible and expensive to me.
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, that's actually just dummy information! We are experimenting with pricing models at the moment and don't have anything set in stone (still a learning process). We'd love to hear more feedback on that! Thanks!
@hannaherg ok cool. I don't know if you need to limit yourself to podcasts; it should surely be a great tool for things like sales calls etc also. I think really, to make your product a core product, you don't want to limit your customers' usage; instead you want to make it part of their core workflow.
@_jacksmith That's a great point, the pain point is most clear in podcasting but it would apply to a bunch of different use cases. We are niching down early on so we know where to focus our energy but it's certainly interesting to think about all of the other use cases we will approach in the future.
@hannaherg whilst it's cool focusing on a niche, if you make the product somewhat open. you might be surprised how users end up using it.
@_jacksmith That's really great advice. We will definitely give it a shot!
This is really interesting and relevant to us. Shall follow your progress carefully. Plan on trying it out too.
@kartikparija Awesome! Excited to hear what you think. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on twitter @podcleartweets or via email hannah@podclear.com.