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Is it just me, or has Serial really brought a revival in podcasting?
@kevinroose wrote a piece in NY Mag recently on the revival of podcasts. The increasing ubiquity 3G/LTE and connected devices (e.g. bluetooth-integrated cars) are certainly helping. I'm hooked on StartUp podcast by @alexlumberg right now.
@nochainmarkov I think Serial has had an effect but lots of others are helping to raise the bar in terms of quality. The StartUp podcast by @alexlumberg that @rrhoover mentions is definitely one of them. The Product Hunt Radio podcast is also really great: https://soundcloud.com/product-hunt
@rrhoover thanks for sharing these! I just downloaded the first episode of StartUp podcast. @kevinroose @alexlumberg
@natemodi a while ago (somewhere around the announcement of a new season) I read an article which claimed that Twin Peaks gave rise to the industry of TV shows. I find the similarity with Serial (both in topic and popularity) amusing... @alexlumberg @rrhoover
Just downloaded Podcats. I listen to a lot of podcats and am always looking for other recommendations. It would be great to see who the people are who are upvoting (similar to product hunt) since often the reason to listen is that someone you know has listened to it and likes it. (I wrote a bit about new podcast content here yesterday: https://medium.com/@MattHartman/...) @nielsjonathan, how are you thinking about multi-episode podcasts? For example, I see that Episode 3 and Episode 1 of Serial have both been upvoted, however for some podcasts, the episodes matter (e.g., Serial, StartUp), but for others you can jump right in (e.g., This American Life).
@MattHartman Interesting article. The thing you point out about podcast content being hard to find is exactly what we are trying to solve. This is a only a first version though, and there are a lot of features we would still like to add to the app, like being able to see who posted what for instance. Before adding all of these functionalities we wanted to see how much interest there would be in a product like this, and so far the response has been great. Multi-episode podcasts are an interesting challenge. What we want to achieve is to make it easy to find the other episodes for the podcast you are currently listening to, which I think would improve overall discoverability as well as address this issue. Other suggestions are always welcome though.
@nielsjonathan really good start. would love to be able to save podcasts to a queue that I could re-organize/listen to later. also very interested to see what you do with the "use entire episode" data.
Hey everyone, I am the creator of Podcats together with @pigeonfactory. It's great to see that people are using it, and we would love to hear some of your thoughts on our app!
thanks @kaz. saving episodes for offline listening is something that is high up on our priority list for new features.