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podcat = the name of our podcast cat πŸ™€ Would love to see more things to discover on the homepage rather than requiring me to type in anything (mostly because I like curation done for me, but also because I have no idea where to start ha!)
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@bentossell this is pretty cool! @mubashariqbal made something similar called Interviewed, but I think it had to be manually curated. Well done @jpwhitaker πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ so how does one add this extra metadata to an RSS feed?
@joshmuccio - I'm working on that now! currently it just looks in the title/description for known names in my database. It works great for podcasts like Joe Rogan who has regular guests.
@jpwhitaker cool! Doesn't seem to be working for my guests 😟 I put their name in the title and description... See Dave McClure as an example, he was on episode 1 of The Pitch titled "1. Chameleon with Mahendra Ramsinghani & Dave McClure of 500 Startups" and isn't showing up in search results.
Wow, this is impressive. I didn't realize I had been on this many podcasts. Cool use case: find and listen to podcasts from your favorite celebs. Here are a ton of podcasts with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino).
@rrhoover love it! can't wait to listen to these pods with Chuck Klosterman: https://www.podcat.com/people/vK...
Hey there! I'm the engineer behind podcat. This is still a work in progress, so I appreciate all feedback! If you have a podcast I'd love to speak with you. Thank you very much for all the support! I'm based in hawaii so I'll be on in the morning to answer your questions.
@jpwhitaker This is absolutely awesome John! Podcat is a great service, and much needed. We all know how hard every podcatcher, crawler, curator (looking at you @producthunt, EarbudFM, and so many others) repeat a lot of the same work every single time. Podcat should help make things more efficient, especially as you increase coverage. Like @rstankov, I also want to know if you plan to provide an API?
@jpwhitaker this is pretty sweet! Congrats on the the launch! Would love to chat about how I can help out (I run the Hack To Start podcast). Wanna ping me? Hey[@]hacktostart.com
@kartikparija @producthunt @rstankov - Definitely thinking about it now!
The subway animation in the header is sweet!
@thomasmeagher Thank you! My good friend Abby did all the art: https://dribbble.com/abbylupine
@jpwhitaker I love you! This is insane as a podcast maker myself this is so helpful for me. Holy shit, I never knew I had done 70 hours of interviews, I am getting old here! @rrhoover you might have been on a few shows but your interview with @twentyminutevc was the best! ;)
I thought of @harrystebbings as soon as I saw this. This will make your stalking pre-interview 10x easier πŸ˜‰
@harrystebbings Aw man I really appreciate it! I really like that hours tally as well.