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The UX is a little rough but works. With this you can create an RSS feed of specific podcast episodes from various shows (or just one) and subscribe to the feed in your preferred podcast app. Technically, you can publish the feed as its own distinct podcast show in iTunes too. cc @AlexCartaz @nwquah Related pro tip: you can always create a collection of podcast episodes on PH to listen to in the mobile app and/or share with friends. Here's a fun one from @jsneedles.
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@rrhoover @alexcartaz @nwquah @jsneedles nice! have you tried on iTunes? Doesn't seem to be working on mine
Hi @francois_flt to import it to iTunes you need to copy the URL, for example http://podcastapp.io/playlists/0..., and then on iTunes go to File, Subscribe to Podcast and paste the URL there, that should do it. Please let me know if you have any issues, I'd be happy to help :)
@rrhoover thanks for hunting us! Yes, the UX is still quite rough. Sorry about that, it’s our first MVP! Hey everyone! At Streema we are all big fans of podcasts. We’ve always wanted to share awesome episodes between ourselves and other people that we know, but we never found an easy enough way to do it. This is why we built the playlist creator. For now the app is built as an internal proof of concept, but we see many uses for it: for one, as a way to recommend episodes between friends, and also as a way to create playlists with certain topics by compiling episodes from different shows. I could see a bitcoin expert, for example, curating all the best episodes that talk about bitcoin. If more people see value in the tool, we’ll iterate and improve it. We'd love to hear your feedback or answer any questions! Thanks! P.S. Fun fact: the first playlist we created is a playlist with podcasts about podcasts (meta, I know) in which we included - among other episodes from different shows - the a16z episode in which @rrhoover and @eriktorenberg talk about podcasts.
Hey there, Just wanted to share some playlists that we have created. Hope you like them! The Best of "The Tim Ferriss Show" Top Ten Biohacking Gems Interviews w/ Ryan Hoover - the fun one that @rrhoover mentioned, credits go to @jsneedles 😜 It'd be great if people who've created podcast playlists could share their lists here!
I really like the potential here but there's one thing preventing me from making use of this right away. It looks like the generated feed is prepending the podcast's show name to the title of every episode so when the generated feed is used, the actual episode title is not seen as they generally get truncated by whatever player/widget/etc. is displaying it. It basically looks like every episode has the exact same title, when in reality, they do not. (Examples: http://podcastapp.io/playlists/9... and http://podcastapp.io/playlists/4...) Great find @rrhoover!