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Nice William! I like the focus on episodes rather than just recommending a whole podcast. It would be useful to get little summary of each episode as well.
If you don't already tune into Product Hunt Radio, you're missing out!
@thomasmeagher thanks for the plug, Thomas. Looks like episode 22 with @ryan and @mg was featured in the first curated list (thanks, @williamchanner!). Of course you can subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud. ABS ;)
my favorite podcasts: Product Hunt Radio WTF with Marc Maron Longform.org/podcast Tim Ferriss Growthhacker.tv A16z podcast Startup by Alex Blumberg cc the podcast guru @kaz
@eriktorenberg got my list of episodes worth listening to here (warning - these aren't necessarily tech focused, but still interesting!) http://awesomepodcastepisodes.qu...
Man, you never stop! :) Since we're on the topic of podcasts, I'd be curious to know which podcast app you use/recommend?
@SachaGreif It's because I'm working with the amazing @ahmetsulek :) I've not really found one I liked. It's probably why we started Podcast Gift.
@SachaGreif I used to use Stitcher for years and recently switched to Overcast because of its simplicity and background downloading.
@williamchanner off-topic but Panda rocks btw.
Just subscribed, thanks for the hunt @sachagreif. If it's half as great as Mattermark's daily emails it will easily make it into my daily consumption habit.