Podcast 9

A powerful podcast app with audio snippets and transcripts

Podcast9.com is the best podcast app for those who want to learn from Podcasts.
The whole experience is built around the concepts of snippets and transcripts, both of which can help understand, bookmark, and share audio content more easily than ever.
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Hi Product Hunt! We've just published our launch post here: https://podcast9.com/blog/launch... This is probably not the average launch post you'll see! TL;DR After our Top Nine success where we acquired 7 million users, we decided we wanted to experiment on the Podcast industry for 6 months, so we can experiment on the video space during Q4 this year. The 6-month constraint we set to work on this project has expired, so it’s time to launch. We wanted to be very transparent about the fact that we can’t continue working on it until 2020. Nevertheless, we are really proud of what we’ve built, and we believe this initial version helps communicate our vision quite well. Not only by providing exciting new features today, but also by setting the tone of where we’d like to take the product if we were to work on it for a few years. Look forward to hearing your feedback!
So excited, Can't wait for Android version.
Preview episode with transcripts is a great feature. Love it !
@hammad_akbar Thank you Hammad!!
The best features of Medium integrated with Podcast content. Amazing product 🙌 Curious to know what natural language model you used for the transcriptions too.
@lachlankirkwood Thank you Lachian! We used 2 different services depending on the use case. For audiograms and snippets we used Apple's speech recognition APIs. For full transcripts of Podcasts we used the ones from Amazon AWS. They worked pretty well!
Loved the design. Hope sorting feature is coming up and other essential features also