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#1 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2019
Pod Hunt is a daily curation of the best new podcasts. Discover the latest podcasts that everyone is listening too.
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Hello Product Hunters would like to be Pod Hunters too? Pod Hunt is inspired by the new dead Product Hunt Podcast category. Ever since it was shut down @mijustin has been trying to get me to build a replacement. I recently met with Justin he gave it one more try, the timing finally felt right, and I started working on Pod Hunt. The number of Podcasts continues to grow at an amazing pace, some estimates put the number at over 750K podcasts with 30M episodes, finding great podcasts to listen too as a result is getting even more difficult. Focusing discovery on individual podcasts makes sense when you consider that a large number of Podcast episodes are individual units that can be listened too on their own. I've received some great feedback from users since the soft launch just over 2 weeks ago, and looking forward to hearing what you all think! I'd like to take a minute to thank some of the early supporters of Pod Hunt: @mijustin, @jonbuda, @louisnicholls_, @pradipcloud, @jovvvian and @jmckinven
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@mubashariqbal the king is back!
@graeme_fulton haha it has been a while since my last launch! Thanks for the support!
Congrats Mubs! The King is back indeed. @mubashariqbal when will you turn this into an app that let's people subscribe, and listen to their favorite shows? 😜 jk I think it's cool that you're tackling the discovery problem first as opposed to the way most have gone about it by first creating the player and then hoping to fix discovery later. I'm curious if this is something you've thought about and also what you think about apps like Breaker that solve discovery in a more automated way.
It's so hard to find new podcasts. I'll constantly be scrolling through my feed trying to pick something new and interesting. The discover page on most apps will only show the most popular podcasts, not the more interesting new ones that I enjoy listening to. Pod Hunt has been great for me finding new podcasts to listen to and also seeing what other people think of those episodes. Mubs always makes cool things and this is no exception. It's also great for sharing your podcast! I've been more than happy to share my episodes and hopefully get some new listeners. Win-win for me.
@jmckinven Thanks James. Super happy that Pod Hunt is working for both sites! Very excited to continue to build features to make Pod Hunt even better.
Clean and beautiful layout! Great work! My only feedback is to somehow let users put a quote in for the episode. That could really entice people to listen. It's a big investment choosing which podcast to listen to. People use www.headliner.app which does audiograms visually to accomplish the same thing. It's really been helping my podcast, Iterate FM, let people on Twitter get a taste of each episode before listening. I don't think you need something as intense but even having a text quote could go a long way.
@tareqismail Thanks for the feedback! I actually started talking with the Headliner team about maybe building something into Pod Hunt. Will keep you posted.
Here's the thing: Podcasts never had an audience problem. They had a discovery problem that nobody was ready to address or solve. Even though podcasts have been hot and happening as a medium for many, many years, people always had a hard time connecting with relevant content. They were lost and had no idea where to start when it came to finding great podcasts. Until Pod Hunt came along. I believe it has serious potential to turn into kind of a "Spotify for Podcasting". Yes, the market/need is THAT huge. The fact that 6 in 10 Americans are familiar with the term "podcasting", yet only 40 percent have tried listening to podcasts, shows that there's something missing. I think that something is the ability to discover great podcasts on a regular basis. It was about time somebody helped podcasters build thriving, passionate communities around their podcasts .And connected with listeners that care about good content. Podcasts give people a reason to not only learn about new stuff, but also hold real in-depth discussions about the content. And Pod Hunt is where these real-world discussions can take place. Kudos to Mubs for launching a platform that is solving a real problem for many, many people. Congrats, man! This is going to be an awesome journey for everyone involved :)
@mkhundmiri Thanks πŸ‘πŸ’―
@mkhundmiri I'm not buying your opening statement. It might be the case that years ago there was a discovery problem but I do not think this is the case any more. There is a number of very strong podcasting apps (for eg. Pocket Casts) that have in-built discovery which is much more convenient to use than an external website. As I'm using it and feeling bored I can easily discover new, trending etc. podcasts. I believe this is the case on other Podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify as well though I don't use them. I In my opinion there is a decent amount of friction between regularly checking a website, searching for the podcast on your podcasting app, finding the specific episode number. It's always been a strength of product hunt that you can usually directly open the products as you browse to test them.
Great work @mubashariqbal πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I'm a big podcast buff and Pod Hunt definitely helps me find some new ones. IMO there's a huge potential in this space. Glad you made this as it allows people to discover more podcasts. Congrats on the launch πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
@5harath Thanks Sharath! Hoping we nail this problem once and for all πŸ˜€