Interactive product management interview practice & coaching

PMLesson is a product management interview preparation platform. We believe product management is an amazing but challenging career to break into, so we designed PMLesson. PMLesson includes dynamic interview questions, extra questions for practice, and entire videos of recorded product management interview answers.

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PM Lesson has a robust product management interview curriculum that covers a wide range of topics. It taught me that product interviews require a methodical approach and also demonstrated how to apply that approach over a rich set of practice questions.

The other half of the product, mock interviews with Stephen Cognetta and other PMs from great companies, takes PM Lesson to the next level. PM Lesson interviews are delivered by experienced, patient interviewers, who really set you up for success. I've recommended PM Lesson to my friends in the past and they all found tremendous value in the mock interviews.


Interesting and thorough curriculum, affordable, and Stephen C. is an awesome coach!



Hi Product Hunt! We're so excited to launch PMLesson on Product Hunt! With the Product Hunt link you'll receive 50% off our online course. PMLesson started one year ago after I left Google as a PM and realized the dearth of online resources to help talented individuals interview effectively. PMLesson includes: - dynamic PM question & answers - 50+ practice questions - guides like the estimation fact sheet and glossary - video tips and frameworks - active slack community - entire full-length videos of great PM interview answers I'll be online today to answer any questions about the launch and I would love to see your feedback!
Hey @stervyc! Congrats on the launch, looks great! I get a ton of questions from college students asking about how to get into PM, and I'll definitely be sharing this. Is there any sort of free trial system?
@hacubu Hey Jacob! Great question - we made a version of the online course free so that you can check out the curriculum and benefit without paying! Just click the big button on the homepage 😉
I've learned a ton about product management from publishing Stephen on Hacker Noon - he's aweome! I bet this course is well worth the time/money

I used PMLesson’s online course to help with my recruitment process. I found it incredibly helpful and practical for PM interviews


Short, succinct, relevant content for PM interviews


Could expand on on-the-job content