Charge your new Apple devices simultaneously

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2018

  • Musa Sulejmani
    Musa SulejmaniFounder, Volume Apps

    It came with a USB-C cable


    Waited 7 months, it barely worked and then stopped working, I though it came with a brick?

    Took 10 minutes to setup. I set up the AirPods as instructed but it didn’t charge, took about 7 manuevers to figure out where to put my iPhone. Now the Plux happily sits in the trash. AirPower wya?

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    thick, big, cant charge in album mode at stand

    its barely usable at stand as i can only charge my phone in album mode. while charging - indication is covered by phone i cant get status and i miss it when i misplace my phone and it not charging. wasted money

    Valeriy Selitskiy has used this product for one month.
Hm.. Looks a lot like this ( wireless charger that was on Product Hunt previously and this item from AliBaba ( Although it does seem to offer the novel features of a stand, in this configuration, and charging AirPods - not sure I would trust the very thrown together solution that is shown on the Indie GoGo webpage, however. Personally, I find skimping out on chargers for $1500+ worth of tech to be short sighted, you can easily fry your money. Perhaps when the wireless AirPods case releases, we will see a more uniformly polished product along these lines. Besides the possible sourcing from AliBaba (QC and Qi issues) and the weird AirPods adaptor, there isn't much wrong with this!
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