Funxim is the first Qi standard fast wireless charging pad on the market designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch. With a charging conversion rate of over 80%, you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time with ultra speed.

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The one thing people aren’t remembering about charging pads is that we like actually USING our phone while it’s charging.
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@arecenello ish? That’s an awfully strongly held opinion but I’ve covered my house in qi chargers and I’m always using them, then not using them, then using them again. It’s nice to give my phone dedicated landing zones around the house (I lose it less) and at night while I sleep, well, I’m not using my phone so this kinda mat is perfect for me and probably lots of people for whom BOTH kinds of charging are awesome
@trulyadamant An awfully strong held opinion. I wouldn't say so. I'd say many people like to use their phone while it's charging. But okay--your solution is to have a charging mat wherever you may put your phone down so it's in a constant state of charge while you're not using it. Yes--in the future that will be the case. But right now--that's not in the cards for most users.
@arecenello I mean the threshold for having multiple Qi chargers in each room is decidedly lower than you seem to believe. I think I’ve spent maybe $90 tops in approved chargers and I’ve got mats and stands basically anywhere I might want to put my phone down. I mean we’re talking about a pad meant to charge at a minimum $900 in electronics.

Why wait for this on Kickstarter, buy straight from the factory.




Looks like an uncertified Alibaba product.

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We need a kickstarter filter or something for this site. Tired of seeing stuff like this that is just a white label ripped product show up. Good payday for the "makers" I guess but doesn't need to be on product hunt.
Awesome! For $29 this is a steal!
@raggylau Yeah, and it probably is! @frantzlight this guy appears to be involved in the Serpent IndieGogo team
Not to be that guy but this just looks like a rebranded Alibaba product. It's also on Kickstarter which is another warning sign. (There are lots of variations of these) It also doesn't appear to be on the Qi Certifed list, so good luck charging your $1K iPhone with some uncertified charging tech. https://www.wirelesspowerconsort...
@frantzlight I just check out the alibaba link you posted, it just copied and paste the airpower pictures, so I think they are not real.
@frantzlight while I agree with your second point, those Alibaba products look like stock photos and none probably work
@15greenberg Here's one that is clearly not a stock photo, and again, there are plenty of these on Alibaba that look like the same thing with different cases.
@brianlabarthe1 Is your product Qi Certified?
@brianlabarthe1 @frantzlight I think this is the most important question on this thread :)
This seems like a really well priced product. Does the charger work for the iPods as well? Side note - the voice-over is pretty funny