Plug Two

Lightweight OS X player for Hype Machine

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Hype Machine is one of my favorite music discovery sites (πŸ‘ @fascinated) and Plug is the best way to listen to use it. I've been a long-time Plug fan and beta user for the past few months. It's gooood.
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This is one of my all-time favourite apps for Mac. Great way to find new music every day without putting in much effort. Congrats on the new version dudes!
Been a long time hypem user and had no idea about this app. Great hunt!
is this version 2 of Plug or a De La Soul reference? hoping it's the latter!!
I already liked Plug but Plug Two is even better. :) Great job @alex_marchant The design is beautiful and is perfect with OS X El Capitan. One thing I find really different is the fact that album cover are not displayed. Why did you choose to change that ? I discovered Plug for the first time on PH and what better way than discover Plug Two here too.
@mrcalexandre Credit where it's due, @glennui is 100% responsible for the amazing design. Re: album art, Often the art doesn't necessarily match the track, and in general we wanted to experiment with other uses of that space. We built in a 24 hour heat map for the popular tab. For all the other tabs they show the number of favorites, which is color-coded to get an idea of how popular a track is while scrolling.
@alex_marchant @mrcalexandre So thanks @glennui for the design but you did a great development too. Thanks for your answer, I agree with you, sometimes album art are not matching the track, it was just that I was used to that. After you explained, I understand your point of view, heat map is a good way to show the popularity of a song.