World's most powerful battery pack with 2 AC wall outlets.

PLUG -- the next generation of portable power.

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Love it! A bit heavy (obviously, it is a huge amount of power, but still portable)
@cataplines It may appear heavy, but it's only 2.19lbs!
But will it charge a Boosted Board?
@jeremybell Hey Jeremy! It can power anything up to 250W!
i'm impressed
@dimablover We continue impress ourselves when we're able to power random things you would have never imagined with our PLUG prototype. The possibilities are endless!
how heavy exactly?
@ourielohayon image updated to provide scale I kid I kid
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@ourielohayon PLUG weighs 2lb 3oz
@ourielohayon Hey! PLUG weighs 2lb 3oz and the optional solar panel weighs 3lb 15oz
Has anyone figured out what port they use for solar charging?
@onatcer Hey there, great question. The solar recharge port will be the same DC barrel port that you would normally charge PLUG through.