Plot Shift

Collaborative storytelling

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I'm particularly interested in products that change or improve the way we write. Writing is usually a single-player experience and daunting for many (it's hard, time-consuming, sometimes nerve-wracking to put yourself out there). Something social and collaborative like Plot Shift, might encourage more people to write and provide a new outlet to inspire existing writers. TBH, it feels rough around the edges, but well done, @troy_carlson. I'll be following along.
@rrhoover Definitely rough around the edges but I've got a backlog of updates that should make it a much better experience. Hopefully some writers will chime in with suggestions on what would make it great for them. Thanks for the love!
This looks quite fun especially for a person like me. Horrible writer but looking to improve his sentence structures. Is there a feedback loop of any sort? Maybe you can add in voting to make sure the best written ones get contributed to the final story. Will be checking for updates.
@johnnyquachy Thanks for checking it out Johnny! My original vision was for people to collaborate on casual short stories and current event commentary, so it's reassuring to hear that you like the concept. That being said, I think there is a lot of potential for people to use it to improve their writing instead of using it purely for entertainment. There is a feedback loop and after you register you can vote on the current collection of shifts. The most popular ones get moved to the front, and periodically the shift with the most votes gets "locked in." The UI doesn't make that very obvious at the moment so I guess that's where I'll be investing my time :)
Love this! Really into collaborative writing.
super interesting take on true collaborative storytelling. It reminds me of the folded paper where each person writes a paragraph based on the last sentence. And I can see it be fun and potentially interactive content marketing.
@micah Yes! By the time the paper makes it back to you the story has evolved into something completely different and people have interacted with your characters in unique and interesting ways. The voting should keep the most interesting variations front & center and prevent every story from spiraling downward into chaos (unless that's what everyone votes for, of course). Either way, people are funny and creative and Plot Shift can become a place to showcase that.