Plot Airport Security Wait Times Bot

Real time airport security wait times before you leave home!

Know security wait times before you leave to the airport!

Plot Airport Security Wait Times Bot is your ultimate travel companion. No need to download another app, our bot works in Facebook Messenger to deliver real time security wait times for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Sacramento International Airport (SMF).

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Hey Product Hunters! Earlier this year, my team and I started down the path of selling our technology to airports. Our first conversation was with Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and after this initial call, we knew we were on to something big. Since that initial conversation, we have since installed our tech at LAX and Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and we are currently monitoring over 6,000,000 people per month through security checkpoints. Today, we are launching the world’s first ever chatbot that provides real time airport security wait times. No airport in the United States is using chatbots and the few airports internationally using chatbots are not using them to provide travelers with wait times. On behalf of the entire Plot team, I am super excited to share this bot with you! Give it try: or visit I will be on Product Hunt today to answer any questions!
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Well done Plot team ! I'm glad you chose Itsalive chatbot platform to empower your service within a chatbot ! We are looking forward seing more airports join you in this quest, as airport security checkings can be so frustrating. Hope we'll see more of startups like yours join the chatbot landscape to provide their service. Don't stop the good work !
Great job !! @plotme_co Does this cover entire globe or just restricted to only America ?? I would like you to add India on to it 😊 Thanks
Thanks @ayush_chandra ! We are currently only working with LAX and SMF airports here in the USA. We work with the airports to install hardware to ensure that wait times are accurately being reported. Is there an airport in India you would like to see this at?
@plotme_co yes all the airports in all India ,I’m expecting to have this facility, I’m hoping this feature would be soon available to all the Major Connecying airports on the word
I understand from your comments that you need to install hardware to provide the service which massively limits your scaling speed. Have you thought about partnering with the airlines, and using the geolocation data from their apps to predict these queues? They already have enough of an install base to provide accurate real time data in sufficient quantities, right?
@rafiqmaniar Hi Rafiq, Thanks for your question! Yes, we are already in conversations with the top 3 airlines domestically. I definitely think you are onto something with their install base but as we have come to find out while we have been working with our 2 partner airlines, there are so many variables that go into monitoring security wait times that I am not sure that the install base would be high enough for us but it is definitely super interesting and will be sharing it with our product team. With regards to the hardware comment, our hardware is pretty simple to install. We can install about 15 checkpoints at one airport in a week. Our competitors can take anywhere from 2-3 months so basically worst case scenario, 1 airport a week.