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Christer Papanicolao
Christer PapanicolaoMaker@chrispapa · Founder,
Hello! I would love to introduce both my self and Plot to you all. We only launched around 50 days ago now. I am the founder of Plot. Plot is all about giving our users foresight into their future. By combining time and money we create a unique interface where you can easily see the consequences of a decision or wish. Plot focuses on giving our users a great manual input experience, even though we will be adding importing of data in a future release. As well as more recommendation and suggestions on how to get the things we want. This is our MVP and we have many more features to add before we can be comfortable calling it v1. We would love all your input as this isn't your typical PFM tool. Its designed for non-finance people and even teens. Focusing on the things you want and when you can get them, by using your finances as a base. So, what do you think? I look forward to your comments :D
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Hey, @chrispapa! I've seen a ton of expense/budget tracking products on PH. Last week Qapital was hunted (cc @erimag). Although it's pre-launch, it appears to have similarities. Why'd you build Plot? P.S. I'm jealous of your 8-bit avatar. Where'd you get it? P.P.S. I have a feeling @sonialsanchez might be interested in this.
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Like a roadmap for your life, less a planning tool. Dig it. I can see this being adopted by every day consumers. Everyone thinks about the future, but most people get overwhelmed by the ambiguity and complexities. This could alleviate that pain.
Christer Papanicolao
Christer PapanicolaoMaker@chrispapa · Founder,
@rrhoover I wanted a product what would help me both plan and give me something to look forward too. One that would help me make decisions about my future, doesn't require a bank to work, handle cash (manual inputs) and be easy to view, update & maintain for Normal people. Financial planning has become so broad as a tech offering over the last 2 years yet we feel its still quite narrow in its vision and the offerings are still within that vision. They still focus on your transaction history and not your lifestyle. They constantly remind you that you are spending too much and the solution for going on holiday is to cut out Lattes & Cappuccinos. Spend less basically. We say spend the same, just spend it wisely. Cause its not just that holiday in 6 weeks your thinking about, its also that Xbox, Ski Trip, Flat move and baby carriage. Then your washing machine breaks, what now? Just Plot it and you'll know! Qapital, Mint, Tink, YNAB, Level and others do a great job at money overview. Qapital is great, I even know some of the team and I think they do a better job than others. But we are still on opposite sides of the coin. Plot isn't really a PFM tool. Like @Guygal mentioned its more of a roadmap. We want to help users get the things they want and let them keep their bank data. As buying/doing stuff isn't really about how much something costs, but when the best time is to buy it. You can do this in Excel of course, but its hard, time consuming and very hard to update over time. Plot is designed for people who don't really use financial tools. They think visually and just want to know if they can do X and buy Z but still go to Y. Plot's future lyes in Suggesting, Advising and Scenarios. We will be importing bank data in the future as well, but its yours! I/We don't want to touch it. We just want to know what you want and dream about, then help you get those things. P.S. Ha! My Avatar is the creation of the very talented @Reggington , a good friend and ex-colleague. Ask him nicely and maybe he might make one for you! P.P.S. @sonialsanchez is very welcome to become a Plotter :D P.P.P.S Sorry for the long comment :P I get carried away sometimes.
Sonia Sanchez
Sonia Sanchez@sonialsanchez · Digital, Hillary for America
Ooh this sounds awesome!! Could have been a big help when considering our move to NYC but now it'll be great for travelling! Thanks for thinking of me @rrhoover! and i'll let you know what I think @chrispapa