Plink makes smart links for podcasts. Auto-open installed podcast apps native to listener's iOS, Android, and other mobile and smart watch devices. Each smart link also has a Show Page that desktop users will see with links to that show in major podcast apps.
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Hey PH! Meet Plink. I've created this service with the goal of solving pain-points that podcast creators have. I developed and launched this months ago now (check out milestones on Indie Hackers:, yet am so stoked to finally share on PH! Plink helps podcasters spend less time link-collecting when marketing their shows and helps them gain more time for actually podcasting! With that, every single podcast in existence now has a free Plink smart link. Anyone can choose to buy a custom short, branded link ( - you rock @robhope), too. Custom link customers get other benefits like whitelabel/"powered by plink" removal, ability to add iTunes affiliate ID for more income, and other customization options. Plink supports 10 major podcast apps - Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Breaker, Castbox, and more. Confidently share Plink links across any social platform, in Slack, email - anywhere. One smart link - send every listener to the right place, no matter device, OS, or pod app preferences. This is v. 1.0 so not everything I'll eventually have in the product is here yet. But I'm stoked about the adoption of Plink, so many loyal customers and those who continue to champion this smart linking service. Thank you all so much, honestly! I'm constantly brainstorming new ideas, speaking with customers and listening to their feedback and insights, and currently have some exciting things in-development. What's your feedback on Plink? Want a custom, short link (ex: Head over to the website @ with code PHunt15 for a limited PH discount today! :-)
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Congrats on the launch Scott! Been awesome watching this evolve since the alpha. You also know you’re onto something good when you start getting copycats ;)
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@robhope cheers man, means a lot! :-) Has been awesome connecting and getting your feedback, thank you! Haha man...wild ride with that situation, for sure. Clones can be viewed as bad/negative or they can be positive/compliment that light a fire under your a$$ for you to keep on shipping great things. Guess which viewpoint I've chosen and what it's done for me? 🔥 And congrats again on yesterday's Email Love PH launch here ( ;-)
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It's great to spread your podcast on Social media and give your potential listener the choice of podcatcher or way to subscribe. We use it from the beginning of our podcast (and Plink)
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@steffen_w_schilke thanks Steffen, happy to hear it's making promoting podcasts on social easier. Love seeing you and many other folks using Plink on social! Cheers
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Do you plan to add link analytics, like bitly has?
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@anthilemoon hey Anne-Laure, thanks for asking! I have quite a bit in-development at the moment and link analytics *is absolutely one of these features*. Plink's webapp is nearly complete and will show data for clicks on links like Bitly does, yes. Alongside a breakdown of information for podcasters to get a better idea/picture of *where* listeners tune in from, *what* kind of devices are they tuning in from, etc. Definitely a highly-requested feature that I've been speaking with customers about, busy developing, and it is coming soon!
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Congrats on launching Scott!
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@juhaszhenderson thanks so much, Matt! Stoked about first PH launch here :-)
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