Safely share your screen with one click

Get ready to share your screen, safely, in one click. Without context switching, it can hide your desktop icons, pause your notifications, clean your workspace and much more. After you're finished, click back to have your desktop exactly where you've left off
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey, PHs. I'm the maker of Pliim. Three years after the open source version, Pliim now has also its PRO version: I rewrote the entire application to a native version, in order to get a faster Pliim, with new features that everybody is looking for, when joining a meeting. - Hide your desktop icons - Disable surprise notifications - Hide active apps - Turn off speakers - Change your wallpaper And two important features: 🌎 It's ready to go with any meeting software 🔴 You can hard mute your mic without switching tabs So, if you ever had to do all these steps before a meeting, Pllim is for you. Just turn it on and you are ready to share your screen safely. Meeting's over? Click back and get your workspace exactly where you've left off. No context switching trade offs. Feel free to hit me, at any time, and drop comments or feedback!
@zehf Would love to see this on Setapp - Seems like the perfect fit
@saastronomical You are right! Could be a perfect fit with Setapp 🙌
You mean I don't have to clean up all the screenshots on my desktop before presenting!? 😂
@rrhoover No more desktop1 2 3 folders 😂
It's very nice to globally switch the mic with one button!
@hugo_pizaia Yeah! For me, the best feature!
The idea is really great but when's the Windows version coming...?
@harsh_gelda Yes! I'm looking to a windows version in the future :)
I wrote this to @zeh via e-mail, but I also want to post it here: "Thanks again! I don’t think I’ve ever bought a program so fast after first discovering it. I think it was less than 5 minutes… It is awesome in its simplicity. In this day and age were a lot of people are working from home and screen sharing it is *THE* tool to go from ‘cluttered’ to ’sleek professional’ in an instant. My company logo is to bright (pink!) to have in the background of my screen all the time, but to start a presentation I’d like to have it there. Perhaps tools like Zoom are the nr.1 tool in corona times, but this tool comes in a close second. Thanks for building it!"
@erikotn You probably mean @zehf 😅
@zehf @zeh Yeah(f), sorry(f) about(f) that(f)!