Track your website's users and convert them into customers

Plerdy - Multifunctional SaaS platform for an Website Conversion, Usability and SEO improvement.
It's a set of tools, which includes:
- Website Heatmap tools;
- Session Recordings;
- SEO-checker tool;
- Pop-ups and NPS feedback.
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25 Reviews5.0/5
An interesting suite of tools for tracking your website's users and pushing them to convert into customers.
@pollock Thank you again for your support!
👋 Hey, Hunters! We are super excited to be finally launched on Product Hunt. Tristan, thanks for hunting us! After the years of meticulous and careful development and testing, we are ready to present you our digital marketing platform - Plerdy 🎉 Relying on our 10-year experience in digital marketing, we have created a kit of highly effective website tools. They help to analyze and boost your website by improving its usability, SEO metrics, and conversion rates. We have already powered Plerdy with a lot of useful features and continue to expand its capabilities. Today Plerdy is truly multifunctional platform, which includes: 🔍 Website Heatmaps 👀 Website User Session Recordings 💡 Pop-up Forms and NPS Feedback 📊 SEO Checker Tool – for Technical Maintenance of Your Website Once you add Plerdy to your website, it automatically starts collecting data. No additional efforts and set-ups. You can benefit from all Plerdy’s features since the first day of use. The wide functionality of Plerdy mainly focuses on: - Website Usability (UX) testing and improvement - In-depth analysis of the website’s users` behavior - SEO-metrics tracking and analyzing - Conversion path analysis - Conversion rate optimization and growth - Increasing user engagement …and all this is essential to Track, Analyze, And Make Your Visitors Convert Into Buyers
Congrats on the launch! I was interested to try your product, but the lead magnet funnel completely turned me off. I want to get an initial understanding of how your analytics works, and you prompt me to enter my email first AND install the code to my domain before showing anything related to it. Which is predominantly early because I have seen no value, nor I have trust to your product on this step. Not to mention that initial domain fill form feels fake as it doesn't provide any stats in return.
@kyrylo Thank you! Kyrylo, you`re right, we are working on removing it now. To find more about our products and get first insight we`re welcome you to visit this page: Our tools already trusted by many big local companies like Templatemonster, Moyo, Citrus and others. But still, to get started with Plerdy, similarly to the Google Analytics, you should add tracking code firstly.
@kyrylo We have fixed it, thanks for the feedback! Check it out
Wow! That's a nice combination of usefulness in your service :) Good luck on getting to #1!
@nick_newoldstamp We are doing our best:) Thank you, Nick!
Very interesting program! Recommend.
Great product!! Thank you for this solution!