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Thanks a lot @katmalanac for hunting us! Hey Guys! We are glad to launch Playment for the Product Hunt community. Playment is a fully managed on-demand workforce for human tasks. Our mission is to provide companies with a scalable and hassle free solution for their data operations with quality assurance. We currently support multiple use cases such as 1) Cataloging for e-commerce 2) Training data for AI through image tagging or bounding boxes, transcription etc. 3) Content Moderation We launched our app Nov’15 and since then have come a long way. In 2016, we executed over 200,000+ manhours of work. We have 120,000+ registered players on the platform. We are backed by Y Combinator (W17), Google launchpad and SAIF Partners. We’re expecting to get a feedback from PH community on our product so far plus we’d be glad to know any of your challenges that can be solved through our product. We can pick up the use case if we see enough demand for it.
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@siddharth_mall @katmalanac This looks interesting, and I'm sure we've shared some of the same struggles of building a business on a freelance-based workforce. When the PH craziness dies down, I'd love your thoughts on a written piece I just published: https://medium.com/designcue/the... Cheers!! 🔥👊🏼
Is this similar to Scale?
@bentossell We operate in the similar domain but have taken a different approach. One of our core beliefs is that when you are outsourcing, you just don’t want to take any hassles (task design, custom pricing etc). We enable just that! Just send us the data and guidelines, we’ll handle the entire complexity of task designing (including multi-step tasks). We have in-house subject matter experts who have executed 50+ projects while generating 30 mn+ tags. Being on mobile makes us very fast, as players can execute the tasks on the go.
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Loved what you guys are doing.
Love it, probably one of the smartest ideas I've ever heard! And the team is also amazing.
@pamevls Thanks a lot Pame for the kind words :)
@pamevls - Thanks for the kind words Pame!
Looks great, guys! My first question was "How does this compare to Mechanical Turk". Looks like they have . a section for just that: https://playment.io/playment-vs-...
@sameer_sontakey Hi Sameer! Thanks for pointing that out :) If you have used Mechanical Turk, you would totally understand that it just doesn't promise SLAs (Quality, turnaround times etc). Handling task design, decide pricing etc just adds on to the complexity. We provide a fully-managed platform. Just send us the data and SOPs, we'll handle the rest!
@siddharth_mall Sounds great! Definitely a product I would like to use down the road for my start up.