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I've been building Marketing & Sales Software for a long time. When I first began to rethink Marketing Automation first at Performable and later at HubSpot the world was a very different place. Companies were in control, not customers, which led to an arms race to add more hurdles (forms, modals and more) and hoops for the customer to jump through. That world no longer exists. In a world where I can order any product or service on-demand the idea that customers are going to fill out forms and wait days, weeks or even months for a sales person to call them back in order to have the privilege to purchase your product is insane. The customer is now in control and you need to change your marketing & sales approach to match that reality. Drift Playbooks is the first Marketing Automation solution built for the on-demand world we now live in. Check it out and see why over 40,000 companies chose Drift to power their Inbound sales funnel.
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Drift brings in new people to my calendar all the time. Because I use my personal Zoom Room as the default location in every automatic invitation, I get to meet new prospects face to face. In some cases, I have never heard of or seen them before. That's magic.
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@handythinks love that. Thanks for saying hey Chris!
@handythinks So awesome! Thanks Chris!
@handythinks thanks for sharing that example. This is pretty compelling! I've been finding it hard to keep up with the growth spike we've had at Corilla, with various tools stitched together to connect that inbound, booking, scheduling and actual call. I love this idea of automation to the point of "hello". Out of interest, how much time do you put into researching the prospect before hand? Are you still getting other information shown (e.g. like using Clearbit to show their social media, etc)?
This is the next generation of marketing automation software -- powered by chatbots from Drift. If your company is doing sales and marketing is capturing leads on your website, you *have* to check Playbooks by Drift out ASAP.
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@hnshah Great hunt! I have been a Drift fan since day one.. They are really stepping up their game :). @dcancel and the rest of Drift, awesome work. I am really looking forward what you are making next
@nicholas_smeele Thanks brother!
Great addition to LeadBot! I work at an inbound marketing agency and I refer Drift to clients and prospects DAILY with zero regrets. Brilliant update from a top-notch team. Stoked to see the whole team at Hypergrowth this fall!
@matopher thanks Matt! Pumped to see you at Hypergrowth!
I've put a few of our companies on Drift and we've had no regrets. Will definitely be making use of the Playbooks integration for future prospecting. Keep up the great work @dcancel and team!