A tool that organizes music video shoots for directors 🎬

Playback lets you organize your music video shoots ahead of time, so that you don't need to spend time scrubbing around on set. Just select a block, play it back, and capture the action.

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This is cool. Love the use case
@nate_davis thanks for checking it out! Glad it makes sense πŸ˜„
Pros: Awesome. First to market that does things this intuitively. Cons: I think a different model would be more effective or at least more options (.I.e Yearly) Theres tens of thousands of "Wanna be" artist, musicians, bands, rappers and singers that would gladly pay a solid $99 to get the year and realize they have no use for it once they move on to other things in life All natural born artist dont keep their passions going unfortunatley nor do projects consistently every month, so If you collect more upfront youll get more to put back into the product and really take this thing to the next level Idea: It would be neat to see a future with integrations like Unsplash/Behance or direct integrations into the more modern audio editing platforms to design the vision of music videos real time as a song is being created Great work, as a tech enthusiast/ artist/ entreprenuer Im very happy this exist πŸ˜‰
@cellus_christie thank you for the constructive feedback! Your points about pricing make a lot of sense and I'll definitely consider this as I continue working on the product. I love the idea of integrating with other services, and I've also been thinking about how I could tap into Premiere Pro (or other editing suites) to automate some of the editing process based on the work done in Playback. Thanks again 😁
@cellus_christie just wanted to follow up and let you know that I've implemented a second pricing option, for $99/year as you had suggested. I thought that seemed like a reasonable amount, so I'll go with it and see how it works!
On a typical music video shoot, somebody needs to keep track of the shots needed and the time in the song that they correspond to. Nobody wants to spend their day scrubbing a play bar back and forth, right? That's why I made Playback! I'd love to hear about the experiences of music video directors, and hope that Playback can make your shoot days a breeze 🌴