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#3 Product of the DayJune 22, 2014
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@levelsio - I know people subscribe to various curated music digests but how do you use this? This might be useful for your music newsletter, @jtzou.
@rrhoover Will look into it :D Thanks for the heads-up :D
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I built it since me and my friends would send each other music links by mail if we really liked a track. The Gmail interface is kinda sub-optimal for this. So I built this as an interface around it. I've seen many music bloggers and record label people use it, since they receive lots of demos in their inbox. I personally like to go to the frontpage and click on other people's inboxes to discover new music from people who have completely different tastes than me.
The "Invest in this startup" AngelList widget link on the home page is broken.
Thanks @thetylerhayes, fixed! Put that up as a test really to see what kind of requests I'd get on AngelList :)
I don't really do music out of my inbox, but can *personally* see this being useful for Twitter feeds or /r/hiphopheads or /r/music. Any plans to branch out into that? @levelsio
@kunaalarya I'm working on that (Twitter for now) and have a working MVP ready. If you'd like to know when I launch it, consider signing up here: