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Seems pretty cool. Is there a demo of the gestures they are talking about? "change the song completely with gestures without looking on your screen"
@syswarren There is currently no demo of the app (planning to make one), but you can change the songs by swiping left or right. Adjust the volume by moving your finger up and down. And in the landscape player you can also play and pause the screen by just tapping somewhere on the entire screen. Besides those there are some more gestures in the menu, such as the standard menu gestures in iOS 7 and a pull down to search gesture.
@Jeroen0704 I know how difficult this is to make a demo so no worry. Thanks for answering, I'm downloading the app right now :) Good job!
@syswarren Thanks! I hope you like it
cc @zisk check this out! @Jeroen0704 looks cool! What's the story behind the app's creation? What's the future of it?