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HammadMaker@hammadh4 · PLAY
Hello People! We are electrified to share with you the PLAY Embedded Player. It helps you listen, narrate and embed articles as podcasts on Medium. If you are a Medium writer and wish to have an audio version of your article then simply paste the generated link your Medium article and have the Embedded Player in your article! But if you are not a Medium writer you can use it to listen to articles. It's free for listening and embedding :) Let us know what you think. Cheers
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@hammadh4 I've tried to convert this one: unfortunately, it didn't start from the beginning.
Alamo aka 狐狸@shellehs · Co-founder/manager of InHutong
@hammadh4 does it support multi language?
Mahmoud FelfelMaker@ma7moudfelfel · Frontend Engineer, Co-Founder of
@csaba_kissi oh sorry for that, we will check this issue, but you can find it complete now, check it here please
Mahmoud FelfelMaker@ma7moudfelfel · Frontend Engineer, Co-Founder of
@shellehs currently we only support english
Amr Negm@amrnegm · Software Developer
I believe it will be much useful to heavy readers like me!
Is this machine voice or human voice? Can people submit a human version?
Mahmoud FelfelMaker@ma7moudfelfel · Frontend Engineer, Co-Founder of
@theashtube It is a machine voice, and we don't currently have human narration.
@ma7moudfelfel Nice - maybe a future feature then, as communities can be very helpful to provide resources. YouTube allows users to submit subtitles/captions to many videos.
Catalin Pop@catapop84
Cool product. What text to speech library do you use?
Ishan Raychaudhuri@rayishan · cod gamer, product launcher, fun lover
Wow this looks fantastic. Incredibly useful on the road while commuting.
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@rayishan exactly what i was thinking - shuffle like spotify by medium tag and just hit skip when you want - could be outstanding for consumption