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Thanks for sharing @besvinick! You da best. 🙌 backstory....@harrisonhuntr and I are roommates and giant sports fans. Boston & NC, respectively. We were constantly sending gifs and videos from our favorite players & teams across various channels (twitter, youtube, reddit, etc.) back and forth and realized there was no good way to watch and share top plays. So, we threw a hackathon one night at our place and came up with the idea for Play-Doe, the easiest way to watch & share the best plays of the day. Once we're out of this sports doldrums we're in at the moment (sorry baseball fans) we're launching a brand new app with some features we're pretty excited about. s/o @peazydoesit @__michellej @apompliano @perlerar & Sir Kristaps for the help & inspiration.
Hey! We're actually in the middle of rebuilding our app and will be back soon for the start of the new NBA season. Watch out for a greatly improved highlights experience soon!
@harrisonhuntr Hey, Congrats on getting featured on Product Hunt! I am the founder of Pioneer Mobile Applications, a mobile dev firm in NY. Every week we feature new and awesome apps on our blog. With this being said, I would love to chat with you to learn more about you, the app, and the team behind it! After chatting and learning more about you, I would love to write an article and send it out to the masses who love the type of things you all do! Let me know if you're interested. Best, Phil
I really don't care to watch sports but always loved SportsCenter's top 10 highlights. Nice idea, @harrisonhuntr and @alexadelman.
Woot! Looks 🔥🔥
@aahitti thanks Hitti! Always appreciate that FOE love. 🙌
App description on fleek: "real talk — you’re chilling with friends and they’re talking about that posterizing dunk by [insert favorite player here]. Your homie says “Ü SEE DAT PLAY DOE”. You didn’t see it. You smile and nod but you have no idea what is going on and think to yourself…”what am I doing with my life??" Here comes Play-Doe…a brand new sports app that sends the TOP 10 plays to your phone, every day. Rated #1 app in the world by us because it’s dope and we like dope things. Much love. Ball is life."
@abe_storey thanks Abe! 🙌
@alexadelman Thank you for making me smile! :)