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Chris Guest
  • Chris Guest
    Chris GuestCMO & Head of Growth @ Topology

    Fresh take on what really matters in brand strategy in 2017 & beyond



    I've bought this book on Audible, and Kindle, and in hardback. I've recommended it to many people I trust, including our whole management team.

    Category design is the future of brand strategy, and much more. This book is a great playbook for how to apply it in your own business. I also recommend listening to Christopher Lochhead's "Legends and Loser's" Podcast for more content on the theme.

Entertaining and immensely informative. This book made me think bigger and deeper about my idea by expanding my focus beyond just building a great and valuable product. Grounded in research, the authors posit that truly great and enduring companies must master product design, company design, and category design. The focus of the book is on category design which was a new concept to me. The idea is that, rather than build something that is simply better than the competition in an existing market category, why not build something that is different and solves a specific need in a brand new category? The authors provide plenty of examples of how this concept has helped companies dominate the markets they have created.
I'm interested as I am planning on designing a new market.
Interesting book, read it a few days