Plastiq makes payment by credit card simple. You can choose your card, no matter what it is, and pay for your needs. The results of using Plastiq will be fewer worries and late payments reduction.

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Cool idea. Unfortunately, I think the 2.5% fee kind of wipes out any points I'd be receiving from my credit card.
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@natemhanson I was thinking the same thing. Not sure I see the point in this.
@goeric good point. #punsOnpuns
@natemhanson So for us, the points we'll get on rent spend towards flights would be 10x what we'd get spending that 2.5% on flights (to get the same points). So for the cost of a flight, we're getting 10 flights in airline points (Southwest). That's how it seems to look like it's worth it from my end. cc @goeric @josevieitez
@natemhanson yes. I don't think it will make sense for me or majority of people. I can only think of a few marginal scenarios where I'd use this
So, I had an Uber driver yesterday who put notebooks in the back seat and told people to write notes to future riders. I know, right? Genius. In that notebook were amazing drawings and odd quips. Also, someone had recommended this service. Haha. Talk about guerrilla marketing. Anyway, we're considering using it for paying rent (points, baby), so I wonder if anyone's used it?
@dshan Haven't used it but experienced the pain: I want to use credit cards to pay for the "big stuff". So this solves this, kind of. Except I (the payer) have to pay the transaction fee which feels like expensive cash flow financing which I'm not a fan of.
@dshan check out RadPad! They just reduced their fee to 2.5% for credit card rent payments and they have late fee protection (they mail the check and cover the late fee if it's somehow delayed in getting to your landlord).
@swb1192 if it were cheaper, we might check it out:)

If you are looking for a way to capture more card rewards, better control your cash flow, or simply control when and how you spend your money, Plastiq is the only service by which almost all of your bills can be paid by a card.


Can pay virtually any bill (rent, invoices, contractors) with a credit card.


Some cards restrict certain payments.

Pretty cool, so similar to Dwolla?
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