A feedback platform for all the creative work

Planogy is a feedback platform for all the creative work. Keeps all the feedback on each design and version in a single platform, and you and your team will never lose track of what's happening in a design process. Available in the browser.
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Hey Product Hunt, Planogy co-founder here. Today, we are launching Planogy where you and your team can get/give visual & textual feedback on any designs and keep them design to design and version to version on, so you will never lose track of what’s happening in a design process. It's available in the browser, but the UI on mobile is not adjusted yet, so please access from your laptop. You can upload your images just by drag and drop anywhere on our landing page. Thank you again for this community :) Kazuki Co-founder, Planogy
I like this space a lot although how is this better or different than InVision and similar mockup-sharing tools, @kazuki_nakayasiki?
Hi Ryan @rrhoover, Thanks for your comment :) The big difference is that both designers and non-designers (PMs, devs etc) can keep track of all the feedback on designs in a project even after the design's version updates, so you will never face the problems such as: "Hey, what has changed from the previous version?" "I thought I gave you feedback before. Where did it go? Is it resolved?" "Why and who changed this? Does anyone remember?" The existing tools have features for feedback, history access, and/or version control, but few tools keep these important feedback in a single place which we believe is the key for better collaboration in a design process! Please let me know if you have any other questions :) Best, Kazuki
Good idea over all. Good luck with the execution.
I like the fact that designers and non-designers can provide feedback and be involved. I'm not a designer but love being involved in the process. In fact, I just got off a 90-minute call with my graphics designer batting around ideas. Best of luck.
Hi Robert @robert_zalaudek, Thank you for your comment :) Yes, we believe not only designers but also non-designers should be involved in the design process. I think that "inclusion" is the key for better collaboration. Also, I've heard of the same thing as you mentioned, so I hope Planogy is the one to solve it. Best, Kazuki
What is Planogy? A tracking tool, a screenshot sharing tool, a feedback tool or could it be more? :) Positioning matters
Hi Markus @rentschmarkus, Thank you for asking Planogy is a feedback and tracking tool as you mentioned. Yes, positioning matters, so we should consider it carefully. Best, Kazuki
@kazuki_nakayasiki Hi Kazuki Maybe it's something else. Like a tool to speed up product development in the "age of now" Positionining matters, context too especially in a world with countless feedback tools :)
@rentschmarkus Thanks! Yes, we'll take your opinion seriously