Planny 3

Your smart to do list with gamification and intelligence

#3 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2019
Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive. Planny learned everything important from common to do list apps but combines them with intelligence and gamification.
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Hey Product Hunters. My name is Kevin, I'm 24 years old, indie iOS developer / HCI student from Germany and the maker of the all new Planny 3! What is Planny? Planny learned everything that’s important from common to do list apps but combines them with intelligence, gamification and the amazing Apple ecosystem to help everyone to be more productive. What's new? Planny 3 is a completely rewritten and redesigned app that was designed for all Apple platforms. iPhone is most important when talking about having all of your tasks with you wherever you go. The new app was made 70% smaller and more power efficient - but still includes many new features and a redesign. You can now scan written lists (like the ingredients of a recipe) and Planny automatically reads and adds them. Planny 3 also comes to the brand new iPadOS. It features a brand new and clean sidebar that easily shows all of your most important features like the daily list, the inbox, the calendar, your productivity statistics and also all of your lists and tags for easy access. Planny 3 for iPadOS also adapts to the new system wide Dark Mode and offers support for multiple Spaces / Windows. Now you can take a look at multiple lists at the same time. On iPad Pro Planny supports keyboard shortcuts, intuitive context menus (just long press an item) and Drag & Drop to take productivity to a new level. iCloud Sync makes it possible to work on the same lists on every device you love. Thanks to the Camera in your iPad you can now add scanned documents to your tasks. The Apple Pencil Support was dramatically improved to allow perfect drawing. Thanks to Project Catalyst Planny finally makes its way to macOS as a fully featured but perfectly fit twin of the new iPadOS app. The Apple ecosystem is one of the main reasons, Planny helps many users to complete more everyday and finally iPhone and iPad users can continue their work on their Macs they all love. Planny 3 is a fully featured Mac App that supports trackpad swipe gestures for quick interactions as well keyboard shortcuts, intuitive context menus and the menubar to unleash Planny’s full potential on the Mac. A redesigned translucent sidebar makes navigation easier than ever. Window support allows you view multiple lists at the same time. With Drag & Drop you can easily assign tasks to lists or tags and move tasks between lists. Thanks to Dark mode Planny looks good on your Mac at day and also at night. iCloud Sync makes it possible to work on the same lists on every device you love.
Looks like a super fun app!
@zyumbik Thank you :)
Had it on iOs and never really used it, will try mac version
Hey Kevin! Do you have a mac version? the mobile app looks great, but I find it's difficult to build a habit of using an app like this if I need to go back to my phone every time i want to tick something off or add a new item.
@amedeodamore Yes, there's also a native Mac app available :)
Great app i definitely need it and will use it :)
@mateakofiloska Thank you!