Task management with email

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Thanks @alirtariq! Hi everyone, I'm Omar, Co-Founder of Planleaf! Planleaf is something very special. We've made something that works completely with email and requires absolutely nothing else (no download, no installation, no signup etc). Planleaf is essentially an 'email app'. Email has 2.5B users but nothing really taps into this network. We're really excited about where we're going to go with his. I'd love for people to share it with their friends and family! Give us some love on twitter @getplanleaf
I know the founders, Omar and Ahmed, of Planleaf and I've seen their vision and product evolve over the past year. I can tell you these guys are onto something big. It's no secret that email is one of our most used communication channels around and provides a personal connection like few other channels. Rather than building a brand new platform that you have to learn, they realized that it's much more prudent to design a product that fits in with your schedule and your email behaviours. They take user feedback really seriously and use it to inform the continuing evolution of Planleaf. Check it out and give them a shout at @getplanleaf! Omar should be joining us really soon too.
Hey, @omar_w_qureshi! Clever. This reminds me of's "invisible UI" in that everything is managed from within the existing email interface. I think one of the challenges is reminding users that exists. :)
Thanks Ryan! I totally agree, reminding people about Planleaf is a big challenge. We're hoping it's simple and sticky enough to remember
This looks like a neat product however.... The problem that I've had with email based task solutions is that it inevitably creates tasks into two locations as not all of my tasks originate in email. As a GTD person this violates one of the core tenants of having a single place to organize tasks. My main task manager these days is todoist and I often take email and convert them to tasks and then archive the email. Even though it's extra work it gives me peace of mind b/c I know I can go to one place and see everything I have to do.