Plaid Print

Create mosaics from your Instagram photos

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Yet another products/business built on top of Instagram (see the Instagram Products collection). I was skeptical Plaid Print could create a good mosaic from my IG photos, but was delightfully surprised (when you mouse over the picture, it zooms in toward the photos used to stitch the image together): And you can create mosaics of other people too. I'll probably buy a print for my mom for Christmas (hopefully she doesn't read this).
Hey everyone creator here! Sorry if your prints are being a bit slow to generate, lots of work all of a sudden ;) I'm increasing capacity right now! If you enter your email when prompted, you will get a notification when it's done.
Already seeing some fantastic creations guys! I'm going to put up an examples section soon so people who don't have many Instagram uploads can get a feel for what Plaid Print does. You can also use any hashtag or public profile photos to create something so maybe you could try creating one for your city? The physical print ordering is a bit manual at the moment but there are canvas and posters available to ship worldwide, I'll work on automating the process asap! Happy to offer a 15% discount to any producthunters as well, just mention it when you get in touch.
Awesomely simple app with a beautiful result. Less detailed and bold images work really well. Well done!